Activating the
startup ecosystem
in Downtown Los Angeles

in partnership with the office of los angeles mayor eric garcetti


Supporting entrepreneurs and innovation.



We are fortunate to be part of a diverse network of technical and creative talent involved in building the country's next entrepreneurial hub. We are a community of startups, corporations, and community partners who learn from each other, share resources, and innovate together.  We open up our contact books to strategically align teams with key influencers. 



We supply startups with the tools and resources they need to build a thriving business. We provide our entrepreneurs with up-to-date focused training sessions from industry experts, corporate leaders, and academic partners in order to transfer the best practices, tools, and resources they need to develop and scale in a competitive market.



Through incredible partnerships, we are able to provide our entrepreneurs and startups with access to free or affordable office space and amenities in the heart of Downtown LA. Thanks to our partnership with Cross Campus, we have access to an open, flexible space designed to facilitate interaction, collaboration and mutual learning. The space provides the opportunity to work side-by-side with other entrepreneurs and the access to an ever-growing network of business and technology services, partners, and more.



We nurture each company through the most critical stage of the growth cycle. From educational seminars and 1:1 mentoring to facilitating opportunities to connect with others in the LA innovation ecosystem, we walk you through all the steps and equip you with the tools to build a successful business. 


Applications open this week for

Idea to Prototype
Summer 2018 Cohort

Applications open until may 4th.


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