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How to get funding and support for your startup

  • 1520 2nd ST. Santa Monica, CA 90401 (map)



About This Event

Have you ever had a start up idea and wanted to make it come to life? Don't know where to start? Join us and Preccelerator for a panel on how accelerators like them can help you grow in the early stages of your startup. Meet two successful Preccelerator companies and mentors from their board and hear how accelerators can help you take your company from startup to liquidity with their support.

What You’ll Take Away:Get the insider scoop on how accelerators can help get your early stage startup off the ground and into a reality. Our panelists will discuss what they look for in a startup, describe common pitfalls, and answer common accelerator questions.

Why It Matters:Having an idea is great, but taking an idea and making it come to life is the startup way and way of the future. Learn how startups and accelerators are changing the future of work and growth.