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Governing by Design. Defining the Next Decade

  • 360 E. 2nd St. Suite 400 Los Angeles, CA 90012 (map)

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About This Event

How can governments be more effective and innovative, responding rapidly to the needs of their constituents? Millions of millennials interact with the government every day, through online services like, getting a driver’s license at the DMV, analyzing financial aid options for college and higher education, or loans or grants to start their own companies. In this next session of Defining the Next Decade, we discuss the ways in which governments can leverage learnings and technologies developed by other industries and how policies can be better designed and more effectively implemented.

Overview: The format of DTND | Governing By Design is a panel where government stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and creators of technological advancements made in our rapidly changing world discuss how a closer relationship between the government and the private sector can better serve the citizens of Los Angeles.

What You’ll Take Away: You will have the chance to connect with people who are driving change in the City of Los Angeles, and learn more about the Global Shapers community and how to be part of it.

Why It Matters: Governing by Design aims to incentivize community leaders to share the ways Angelenos can take action in building the city they want to see in ten years.