Fashion Tech Accelerator

2015-2016 Cohort


Founded in 2011, Casetify (formerly Casetagram) is the world’s first social design platform to make custom cases for phones, tablets and Apple Watch bands using social images. It’s the next generation of expressing personalization. Casetify crafts, designs and manufactures exceptional quality cases you can’t find elsewhere. Available on AppStore and Google Play, Casetify ships to 120+ countries and is loved by celebrities like Hilary Duff, Sam Smith, Lionel Messi and Snoop Dogg.

Shoot it. Place it. Case it.

ShapeShifter Technology is a New Zealand-owned, fast growing, software development company with offices in Auckland, Ho Chi Minh City and Los Angeles. ShapeShifter provides a world-beating CAD optimization service for large apparel manufacturers and clothing brands globally, generating significant savings in fabric consumption, production time and human resource utilization.

SimpleTux is the first in our industry to implement an online/direct sales hybrid that merges the comfort and security of brick and mortar shopping with the convenience of e-commerce. Our touch point offers customers a full retail experience, from measurement collection to fit, style and delivery. The company's mission is to maximize male shopping efficiency.

Team Tassy's mission is to unleash the inherent power in every person to eliminate global poverty. We work to prepare and to place the poor in Haiti into jobs so that they can pull themselves out of poverty forever and can assist the next family in need. Our work is focused in one community within Port-au-Prince, Haiti, called Menelas. Our goal is to place the 500 families who live there into good, dignified jobs, expanding our services block by block, and accompanying all Team Tassy families until they no longer need us. Team Tassy was founded alongside a sister company called Threa, who turns Haiti's trash into fabric and jobs. Together, Team Tassy prepares the poor for jobs and Thread prepares jobs for the poor.

Fine jewelry remains a traditional industry, often resulting in 8-10x markups. Vrai & Oro makes owning fine jewelry attainable by selling direct to consumer online only, cutting out middlemen and retail markups. Strong user experience and transparency are the focus ofthe brand, along with tightly curated collections made from 14k solid gold and high grade diamonds. From design to production, all our pieces are made in downtown LA, allowing us speed to market with a two week lead time from design to launch.