Meet the Grid110 Companies

 Vrai & Oro is the jewelry company women have been dreaming of. For the first time, customers can choose from a variety of beautiful fine-jewelry pieces that are both delicate and authentic at reasonable prices. By getting rid of the middlemen, Vrai & Oro reduces the cost of jewelry ten-fold, without compromising its superior quality. Keep an eye out for this start-up, as it will quickly start to revolutionize the accessory industry.

You never knew you wanted an Apple Watch band until now. Casetify allows you to customize your Apple Watch accessory with Instagram pictures, or choose a pre-designed artist designed-images to your liking. For those who don’t own Apple’s new gadget, one can also purchase iPhone cases which are of the same high caliber. The designs are unique, fun, and appropriate for any age group.

Shopping for tuxedos has never been easier (or less expensive). SimpleTux allows men of all ages to choose and rent a suit online in two simple steps: all they have to do is submit their measurements and select a tuxedo that catches their eye. Gone is the painstaking process of going to the tailor, trying on suit after suit, and then paying an exorbitant amount of money for something you’ll probably only wear once. There’s a new tux sheriff in town.

Shapeshifter was started in New Zealand as a way to reduces the labor costs of producing fabrics, leathers, and metals to make the textile industry process more efficient overall. By using computerized software, Shapeshifter ensures that its industrial users will receive quality material at low prices.

Team Tassy is an organization committed to bringing awareness to the abject poverty that is still rampant in Haiti after its devastating earthquake. By working with different impoverished families, Team Tassy hopes to eliminate poverty by placing people in dependable jobs where they can make an income and sustain a living. The organization collects trash and sends it to Thread, a sister company that makes recycled fabric and sells it to other large companies. The start-up has already set a shining example for non-profits and lifted many families out of poverty.


Written by Emily Carney